Channel letters and dimensional letters are an extremely popular choice for building signage across all industries and business types.

Custom Channel Letter Building Sign The flexibility and versatility of a channel letter sign allows them to be customized to meet any brand guidelines or personal design choices. 
Whether you would like an illuminated sign, flat dimensional letters, or a completely custom sign, we can create the perfect sign for you.

Mega Sign Solutions is your local provider of professional business signs, with fast service and quality fabrication within your budget.



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The high-quality, memorable monument sign that we create for your business and brand will set you apart from other local businesses.Monument signs are frequently found at the entrance of corporate facilities, schools, churches, and other buildings looking to create an impressive entrance.

custom foam monument sign a  monument sign is a free-standing sign, typically a stone, marble, brick, concrete or metal structure with your business name, logo, and any other directional information you would like to add. These signs are commonly complementary to your building sign, providing a cohes.



Also known as Reverse Channel Lit Letters consist of aluminum faces and sides (return onto standoffs away from the wall which project either LED’s illumination to the wall surface giving the sign This technique is often considered to give the customer a distinguished or unique image.


Aluminum sign cabinet with translucent high performance plastic face with bright graphics for day and night viewing.
Internally lit with LEDs and completely self contained. Build of lightweight and corrosion resistant materials for easy installation and long life. Sign is built similar to channel letters but larger and of thicker and reinforced materials for increased structural integrity.